Transparent Nail Tips Display Plastic Nail Sample Sticks Polish Panel Display Practice Sticks

Material: plastic
Sets in total 50 pieces of clear nail sample sticks
Use for nail practice, nail polish, display and nail decoration design work.
Nail Practice Sticks Suitable for professional use or home practice.
We have 2 nail color screens, one 42mm long tip and one short 37mm tip.


Easy to carry and display the nail color and design.
Can be used as a template for the new nail polish you bought and the other things on nail art.
Suitable for professional use, nail salon and personal / home use

With 50 pieces that allow you to collect up to 50 nail polishes in different colors! And you can use a labeler or perm marker for a “cleanest” color display.
Come with a long screw and nut which you can use to easily display the nail polish colors or remove them. It can also be used as a practice fan board for freshmen.

Perfect for nail practice, display, nail polish collection, and nail art decoration design work. Also suitable for professional use or for home practice.

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